This fine full-size cello bears a striking red-brown varnish made from scratch.  Its lower register is warm and full, the upper register powerful and clear.  Professional and amateur players who have tried the instrument praised its tonal qualities and the ease with which they could bring out of the instrument the colors they wanted.  Constructed from aged European maple and spruce, this is one of the last instruments made during Julian’s training in Utah and is priced accordingly for the advancing student.  Cossmann Violins offers complimentary service for as long as you own a Cossmann Violins instrument and will buy back its instruments at 100% of the purchase price as trade-in on another Cossmann Violin instrument.

List Price : 8,000
Listing Type : Cellos
Seller : Instrument Maker
Maker : Julian Cossmann Cooke
currency : USD - United States Dollars
Item Condition : Mint
Year : 2015
Size : 4/4
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