Very fine Professional Cello.

Professional Series – “John Juzek, Violinmaker in Prague”

Hand signed.  Handmade in Czechoslovakia pre-WWII

Last Appraisal was in August, 2006 by Bryce Van Parys, Hammond Ashley Violins, Seattle, WA.

Valued, 12 years ago (in 2006) at $12,000.  Which is what I paid then for the cello only.

The value has increased, but I am offering “JJ” and my accessories for my investment of $13,000 including:

* A great hard-shell case (with built in wheels – great for touring), 

* My top of the line carbon fiber Coda bow 

* A well-made, thick padded travel cover that I had sewn, which goes over the hard-shell case to provide additional safety when touring, flying, and transporting. 

* An extra set of new strings (as listed below).

I have original hard-copy appraisal, records and receipts for documentation.

The famous Juzek shop built many quality stringed instruments.  This is one of the few and much sought-after pre-war Professional Series.

JJ is a wonderful instrument. I am primarily a bassist, but I have played her professionally for 12 years.  She has accompanied me on many concert tours in Asia with my friend, composer and pianist Brian Crain ( – or LOTS of YouTube videos).  I have played her in hundreds of piano and cello duet concerts and piano quartet concerts in the US and Asia, on television and in the recording studio.

She is in excellent playing condition with a tone that you should to experience.  She is a very responsive cello with a deep, rich tone that whispers sweetly, sings passionately and emotionally, and projects powerfully.

I have had great luck with the following string setup:

C – Thomastik Spirocore Tungsten

G – Evah Pirazzi

D – Larsen

A – Larsen 

I can also offer:

Evah Pirazzi full set of new strings

Thomastic Obligato full set of new strings

Because I toured extensively with JJ, I have a full compliment of new high-quality spare parts and tools that have travelled all over the world (“an ounce of prevention”), but never been needed including:

V. G quality ebony tailpiece, 

Pre-cut spare (Belgian style) high quality bridge, 

4 ebony tuning pegs, 

Professional cello sound-post setter tool

Professional “hemostat” tool – also for sound-post adjusting, retrieval, etc.

Dental type (but larger) mirror for in-cello viewing.

My hope is to find a cellist who will love, appreciate, enjoy, and use JJ as I have.

I have attached a few photos.  I can also email a links that will allow you to see and hear JJ (live TV studio performance).

IF you’d like a reply, please include your phone number or email address with your inquiry.


[email protected]

List Price : 13,000
Listing Type : Cellos
Seller : Private Seller
Maker : John Juzek
currency : USD - United States Dollars
Item Condition : Excellent
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