I offer a beautiful, over 100-year-old 4/4 antique violin for sale.!!!
The violin was made in the famous German luthier workshop of Karl Meisel. The Meisel family had a deep violin-making tradition, creating high-quality violins for many generations, from the mid-17th century to the 20th century.
The instrument is hand-made of the highest quality wood: spruce top, bottom made of a maple wood with a beautiful red-orange-brown varnish and clearly outlined zebra, waves. Ebony fittings.
Inside the violin there are two labels showing the logo of Karl Meisel’s workshop (eagle on the left and right side of the sticker) and the name of the instrument “Mozart”. This name testified to the very high master quality of the violin. It is a Stradivarius model. Karl Meisel in his trade offer at that time also had a well-known violin with the trade name “Calro Micelli”. It was a violin that, like the presented “Mozart”, had the same label with two royal logos depicting an eagle. Both trade names were equally a symbol of high rated fine instruments creating an exclusive line of violins sent for export to the USA and exhibited at the company’s music salon in New York.
The instrument captivates with its beautiful, powerful, balanced, expressive, deep and clean sound.
It was purchased in New York and restored in a professional violin-making workshop in Europe. Despite its age, the violin is in excellent condition and did not require major renovation.
Its unique sound, captivating charm, age and history behind can make you fall in love with it from the very first sound.
It isn’t just a violin. It is a great piece of 19th-20th centuries luthier work that has a beautiful story to tell. It is for sure instrument to own. Very good for solo artists.
It will pay you back by bringing you and your audience unforgettable music experiences of an Angelic sound from Haven.
It is also a great investment due to the fact that Karl Meisel’s “Mozart” model from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries is a unique model that is hardly available on the market.
I highly recommend it and would like to invite you to check out the violin sound below:
If you are interest in buying it you can contact me via email: [email protected]
Violin measurments:
Lenth of the back: 360 mm (14.173 inches)
Upper Bout: 165 mm ( 6.5 inches)
Middle Bout: 115mm ( 4.5 inches)
Lower Bout: 205 mm ( 8.07 inches
List Price : 6,000
Listing Type : Violins
Seller : Private Seller
Maker : Karl Meisel
currency : EUR - Euros
Item Condition : Excellent
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